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Interview - english

Interview with Tex Warner

When did you first get involved with Country Music?

Tex Warner:
I liked Country Music as a young boy. When I was 14 I was a paper boy and earned a little money with that. It took me almost a whole year to earn enough to buy a cheap guitar.
My first contact with Country Music, actually it was called „Hillbilly Music“ back then, came with AFN Munich, who had a daily Country Music program. From 1959 on I barely missed a show.
And shortly after I dreamed of my first own band.

When did you organize this first band?

Tex Warner:
It was in the year of 1967. I found a few young musicians who wanted to play in my band. Most musicians that time did not want to play Country Music because there was no money it.
Sure we had very few gigs at the beginning and the pay was rather low. My goal was and it is to this day: “I play and sing Country Music or no music at all”

What were your influences? How come you were so enthusiastic about Country Music?

Tex Warner:
The very first country song I heard was „I’m Sorry For You My Friend“, sung by Hank Williams Sr. Hank Williams had a way to present his songs that fascinated me. It was the feeling, the honesty and emotion in his songs.
Hank Williams has been the biggest influence on me, as well as Jimmie Rodgers and Lefty Frizzell. I try not to emulate any country singer because there is a Johnny Cash or George Jones already. I try to do my own style.
I don’t think it is good to copy a performer. How can you get your own feelings across?

What has been your most exciting experience in Country Music?

Tex Warner:
When I came to Nashville, Tennessee the very first time in 1970 I was able to stay with a Grand Ole Opry Star, whom I met when he was on tour in Germany the year before.
He took me to the Grand Ole Opry where he was performing. It was still at the old „Ryman Auditorium“. It was like a dream to be backstage at the Opry meeting a lot of the stars personally that I had only known from books or AFN radio back in Germany.

How would you define your style in Country Music?

Tex Warner:
Today you would call it „Traditional Country Music”. Country Music with a message and feeling.

Why don’t you sing Country Music in German being a country singer from Germany?

Tex Warner:
Is there „German Country Music“? Is there American Bavarian Folk Music?
I wanted to answer your questions with two additional questions. For me American Country Music has to be sung in American English. Country Music is one of the few music forms that originated in the USA and I believe you cannot express Country Music in a different language.
The so-called German Country Songs do not sound country to me.
Unfortunately the German media connects Country Music mostly with the cowboy and trucker image which is not right.

Do you write your own songs?

Tex Warner:
Yes I do. I have written about 30 songs. Some of them have been recorded. I also write them in American English.

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